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Commercial Video Surveillance


We’re here to help you keep your most critical company assets safe and secure.


At SAS Security we understand the growing needs of your company and the desire to keep up with today’s technology.  We offer the most advanced IP Video Surveillance products combined with proven network technology to assure your system will grow with your company and IT needs.

The growing bandwidth and capabilities of today's networks places IP Video Surveillance into a position to provide a level of professional security solutions with technologies cutting-edge.  Today’s IP Video Surveillance systems will protect your investment by leveraging today's technology with support for the future.  The cost of network based hardware and computers are falling and the cost of analog technology will rise as manufacturers stop production.

A modern all digital Video Surveillance System will integrate with newer technologies with more flexibility and lower future maintenance costs as network based technology develops.  With SAS, you will be able to integrate your Video Surveillance System with access control, perimeter detection, fire alarms, and gates.  SAS can provide you with a fully networked security solution with all systems working together to protect your business.  Existing analog systems can be integrated into a new digital security system for a more scalable solution that will grow with your business for years to come.


  • ​Superior image quality: HD quality for crystal clear viewing, recording and play back of images

  • IP Video Surveillance Systems

  • IP cameras, network video recorders, encoders

  • Intelligent video analytics

  • Remote viewing capabilities

  • Analog Video Surveillance Systems are also available if you are waiting to upgrade your systems over time:

  • Traditional analog camera systems

  • Analog CCTV to IP video surveillance system conversions

  • Digital video recorders and hybrid DVR's

  • Burned out DVR replacement

  • Trouble alerts: Loss of video notification can be sent to your e-mail and mobile device.

Commercial Video Surveillance Systems are simple and easy to use. They offer you real time information that can be streamed over any network, or any remote system you may choose.

The technology for commercial Video Surveillance today is now digital and offers many advantages over older analog systems. Digital means instant, real-time information delivery. The image quality is sharper and has limitless image storage ability.

SAS Security offers you years of experience servicing and installing commercial Video Surveillance Systems in businesses throughout the nation.

SAS technicians undergo continuous training to keep pace with ever-changing technology. SAS's experience and training along with an extensive line of surveillance products translates to peace of mind for you. Your exact needs will be unique to your business so we are flexible according to our customers' needs and budgets.


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iPro Cameras

Upgrade current Analog  Surveillance System to IP Surveillance System with PoE over Coax -  "no recabling." 

Select brochure below.

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 DW Digital video surveillance
 Avigilon cameras
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Axis Cameras

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pelco camera
pelco camera

Pelco Cameras

Stop Crime Before It Happens: Pro-Vigil

Combine strategically placed, Al-enabled cameras with dedicated virtual guards for an airtight Video Surveillance solution that stops crime before it happens. Click on video below for Pro-Vigil demo.

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Video Wall
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