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#1 security alarm virtual keypad plano dallas

Burglar Alarm Packages and Apps

We offer a variety of custom designed systems to meet your needs and budget. Our systems are designed on an open platform so they can be integrated with our other security solutions such as access control and video surveillance.


Our systems are designed to protect your customers, employees and property from such threats as forced entry to your property, robbery and environmental damage.

  • Building intrusion detection: Use of door and window contacts, motion detectors and glass-break sensors

  • Storage yard: Use of outdoor rated motion sensors, photo beams and fence protection devices

  • Panic and hold-up: Use of concealed panic buttons and portable wireless pendant buttons

  • Monitor critical conditions such as: Room temperature in LAN room, water detection and freezer temperatures

Our systems can:

  • Identify the exact point of forced entry to your building and notify the police for quick alarm response.

  • Put you in control of adding and deleting user codes from easy-to-use keypads, touch-screen controls and mobile devices.

  • Provide enhanced web-based services with easy, any time access to remotely control your system or receive critical information about your alarm system.

  • Monitor your alarm system utilizing the most current radio and IP technologies for faster, more reliable police response.

  • Alert you when someone forgets to set the alarm.

Select brochure below.

sas security alarm commercial security brochure plano dallas
#1 #best security alarm brochure dallas plano
#1 #best security alarm brochure plano dallas
#1 #best security alarm brochure plano dallas
#1 #best security alarm brochure plano dallas
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