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Crime Deterrents are Effective... When Utilized.

SAS SECURITY ALARM SERVICE, INC. focuses on deterring crime through the use of audio announcements, lighting, and AI-powered systems to prevent criminal activities. Find out more details in this blog post.

The most effective method to prevent crime is through deterrence, and organizations can take various steps to achieve this goal. These include displaying signs, adhering to basic security measures, and installing surveillance cameras on the premises. Surveillance cameras themselves serve as a deterrent, as criminals are less likely to commit crimes when they know they may be caught on camera. This is also why proper lighting is crucial in deterring crime: criminals prefer to operate in darkness where they can easily conceal themselves.

The U.S. Department of Justice emphasizes that deterrence is more effective than punishment in reducing crime rates. SAS is committed to enhancing crime prevention by incorporating cameras and audio-visual deterrents in their security surveillance systems to discourage determined criminals. These deterrents include sirens and recorded messages instructing intruders to leave the premises, with the option of delivering the instructions in Spanish for better comprehension. Visual deterrents like strobe lights signal to criminals that they are under observation.

Some customers may be concerned about the potential disturbance caused by deterrent measures, especially if neighbors can notice them. However, disabling or reducing the deterrents can significantly decrease their effectiveness, potentially leading to delayed police response or the criminal escaping. Therefore, customers should consult their account manager at SAS before adjusting the deterrent settings to explore alternative solutions.

AI security

Enhanced Precision Through AI

Artificial intelligence adds an additional layer of verification before activating deterrents. This process is automated – when something suspicious is detected on video, a video clip is forwarded to the AI. If the AI confirms the suspicion, the clip is then reviewed by a virtual security guard. If the guard concurs that a crime may be taking place, the situation is escalated to a Tier 2 threat level, prompting the system to activate deterrents automatically. This entire sequence occurs in under 25 seconds.

Effective utilization of deterrents underscores the importance of customers partnering with SAS to develop a comprehensive security strategy. This collaboration enhances system accuracy, minimizing false alarms and ensuring deterrents are only deployed when necessary. Moreover, it significantly reduces the risk of customers interfering with the deterrents, which could jeopardize security and diminish the return on security investments.

Criminals will always pick “soft targets” because they don’t want to get caught. SAS deterrents make sure criminals know they are being watched and can make the difference between a criminal running away, or letting the criminal cause financial, operational and repetitional damage to their target. The choice is clear. If you’d like to learn more,


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